Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday FOTD

It is and will be a good Friday. As long as someone isn't nerbiosa to hang with me again.

Once again another FOTD at the end of the work week. This is the second time this week that I've worn make up to work. Hahah! There is no one to impress in my building and my mornings have been spent running and rushing to get ready for work and make up is not one of the priorities. DIGUSING is because I don't want to be all pawis at work. For you non-Ilocanos/Flips digusing = showering and pawis = sweaty.

Full frontal. Mehhh.

Products used-

L'oreal Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Concealer in Light under & around the eye area
Garden Botanika Natural Balance Powder Foundation in Caramel
NARS Deep Throat Blush
Coastal Scents Silica Powder Spheres - dupe of MUFE HD Microfinish Powder

MAC Provence pigment all over lid
MAC Earthly Riches mineral eyeshadow duo - gunmetal in outer-v & contour and plum in the crease
Pop Beauty Eyecake in Naked Brown Eyes - lighter champagne eyeshadow to highlight
MAC Fluidline in Blitz & Glitz
2x coats on top & 1 coat on the bottom Maybelline Defin-A-Lash Volume Mascara
eye noon eyelashes SK-#508
Anastasia Brunette Brow Powder

MAC Lipgelee in Amber Russe

I have to find a better way to get some decent lighting so you can see the actual colors. Earthly Riches is a gorgeous duo that I love! It applies fairly light and allows you to build the color to your intensity.

I normally don't wear falsies to work, but today I decided to grab a pair from my stash. I bought a bunch down in LA from Asia Gardens Mall in Westminster. These ones are a bit dramatic to wear during the day, but oh well. Today it goes with my mood and my shoes. 4" black patent stilettos. Too bad they aren't Loubys I have been eyeing! :\

And once again the crap fluorescent lighting ruins the color. I wasn't too fond of MAC's Lip Gelee's when they first came out, but I finally picked one up at CCS. Amber Russe is exactly how it sounds. A light coppery color with flecks of green and gold. I didn't like the slip of the gloss, but this is actually a better choice than Lipglass based on how emollient the product is. I don't need to add a base of lip balm before applying and it doesn't dry my lips out as much as Lipglass can.

You always have to have a GOOD side picture. Happy Good Friday!


Clarissa said...

i love those lashes :)

Tammy said...

The lashes really add a greta pop.

lookrichbitch said...

Am in love with the lashes!