Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lady Lam - April Special - $99 Eyelash Extensions!

Spring time is here! Well, for a few days here in Seattle and then we should have some rain soon. :\ Why not treat yourself with eyelash extensions from Lady Lam to feel pretty while running around in the rain? At least your mascara won't run down your face, because you won't need any! Christine is once again offering the $99.00 lash extension promotion! Space is limited so please plan accordingly for an ultimate pampering experience.

Christine Lam 206-948-1142
Hours: Open Daily, except Sundays - 10am-6:30pm appointment only
Lady Lam's website!

As some of you know, I did have eyelash extensions a few months back and I loved them! I had gorgeous long & full lashes without having to use mascara. While I would love to have had them on for a longer period of time, I owe it to my readers to provide some mascara reviews if they are unable to visit Lady Lam. Let me know if you guys do visit Christine and fill me in on your experience. :) You can hear about my snoring during my visits with Christine. Hahah!