Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another ehh make up product - Benefit Georgia

I was super excited to finally own a Benefit Blush! I chose Georgia because I wanted a peachier blush rather than a pinky one. Which I tend to gravitate towards.

Definitely pretty in the package, but unfortunately, too light for my skin. Even with my fair complexion right now.

I would still want a Benefit blush, so I think I will be returning this one and exchanging it for Coralista. What do you think? Good or bad experience with Benefit blushes/bronzers?


Vanessa M. said...

hmm it does look pretty.. thanx for the review tho!

Elizabeth said...

I bought this once too and never used it because it didn't show up on my skin, too light.

However, I have the Dandelion and LUV IT! But I like pink, so there you go.