Friday, March 6, 2009

Lipbalm Grading F: Blistex Deep Renewal

I rarely give products an F. I may dislike some things about a product, but hardly ever just absolutely hate something. Well, I managed to find one!

Blistex Deep Renewal. This lip treatment is supposed to visibly reduce deep & fine lines, improve lip health and vitality, moisturize, protect & renew.

This does have sunscreen in it, which is a plus.

Here is more of a rundown they give you on the back of the packaging regarding some of the ingredients and the benefits.

Hmmmm....I don't think so.

And now my gripe for this product. I actually had this lip balm for a few months and I'm glad I waited to do a review until now. I kept this in my desk to use at work. Well, I found out that this balm does nothing more for me than dry my lips out! I felt no renewal at all, well unless you consider molting lips "renewal," I would rather deflake my lips before going TO work, not AT work. There is something about Blistex products that kind of gets to me. I don't know if its the taste or what, but there is something weird that just doesn't settle well with me. Well, this ended up in the trash. Has anyone else tried this lip balm and had great results? I think I will just stick to my Soft Lips and Natural Ice Lip Balms that never fail me.

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Anonymous said...

I also used this product and it's like my lips are burned. I can't find
anything to soothe them. I need help really bad.