Friday, October 17, 2008

Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps Nail Polish

I have seen this product on Xiaxue’s website and its like her holy grail of nailpolishes because it makes your nails so damn hard! Haha! I gave in to her opinion and picked it up. While I have to say it didn’t make it as hard as when I used to get acrylics, I was impressed with its ability to add some strength to my weak nails and help my manicure last with minimal chips. You apply 2 coats to bare nails and then your colored polish on top of that. I used Sally Hansen’s Hard As Nails in Sand Lots on top of the Hard As Wraps and it has lasted a week with minimal chipping! I’m hard on my nails, so its inevitable that I do end up with a few chips. I would definitely repurchase this again after this bottle is done! I would say that this product would help my nails grow, but I would still use my OPI Nail Strengthener too, but this is a good drugstore find to help my nails.

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