Thursday, October 16, 2008

Revlon Ultimate Foot Treat & Softening Foot Balm

Rough feet on a girl is just plain wrong. There are so many ways to keep your feet soft that don't cost much. I found 2 great products and Big Lots that I love and hope to continue finding at there since they are a bit more retail price.

I normally use Bath & Body Works True Blue Spa foot lotion, but I ran across this at Big Lots for only $3.00 and thought why not? If I could find a more affordable alternative, I’m all for it. I was paying $15 for the B&BW lotion! This lotion is thick and emollient, but has an interesting scent. It’s a peppermint/eucalyptus scent that is kind of weird at first, but eventually fades. Most of the time regular lotion just does not have the right consistency to retain moisture to the soles of feet. This does its job and keeps my feet moisturized and was such a bargain that I think I will repurchase if its still in stock!

I have been eyeing this at Big Lots for awhile but didn’t find a need to purchase it until now. Its winter and now my feet are going to be stuffed into shoes and sometimes shoes that pinch and can cause calluses and blisters. A whopping $2.00, I gave in and just bought it to try. This claims to target dry relief to dry, rough feet and can minimize the build up of calluses. I use this along with the Foot Treat and have noticed that it does keep the drier areas of my feet softer. The areas I concentrate on are on my heels, along the outer sides of my feet, right at the ball of my foot and along my toes. These are all points that have the most friction when wearing my shoes, especially heels and boots. I do notice that after using this balm those areas maintained a more supple feel, but I don’t know if it will really minimize calluses. I will revisit this post if necessary, but overall I’m pleased with the product and plan on repurchasing.

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