Thursday, October 2, 2008

Overdue MAC Haul

And now I'm overdue for 3 more color story releases! Accck! Thanks to some wonderful friends for this great haul. I received a MAC gc for my grad/bday back in August and decided to purchase from previous colorstories that I had not indulged in yet - Electroflash, Starflash and Cult of Cherry. I picked up 1 eyeshadow in Love Connection from Electroflash, 2 eyeshadows from Starflash in Bold & Brazen and Glamour Check, Blonde’s Gold pigment from the Overrich collection and Liqueur Lip Glass from Cult of Cherry. While I wanted to grab more items from each line, I kept it pretty much to 1 product from 3 colorstories. Excluding the Starflash collection because I loved two of the shadows and did not have any similar colors.

All the colors are pretty tame. Nothing wild out of this bunch. I wanted to transition to Fall make up with more muted browns and pinks. But I didn't want to lose my love for shimmer!

I swatched the shadows with no base. Just as they are! (L-R/Top/Bottom) Blondes Gold Pigment, Glamour Check e/s, Bold and Brazen e/s, Love Connection e/s duo and Liqueur Lipglass on the bottom.

Blondes Gold pigment is a beautiful sheer wash of gold that I love to use all over my crease and layer color on top of that. Like some other bloggers out there, I was disappointed by the appeareance of less product in the container. These are supposed to be more finely milled and while it looks as the jar is not full, the weight should be correct.

I love the shadows from the Starflash collection! They go on so smoothly and blend beautifully. Very pigmented and they offer just that bit of shimmer without appearing too metallic. I used Glamour Check and Bold & Brazen to a wedding last Sunday and it was absolutely goregeous!

The Love Connection duo from the Electroflash collection is quite shimmery with more distinct flecks of glitter. I have had a few lazy days this week and would just do a quick wash of each color over my crease. Just a hint of color!

I think out of all of the products, the Liqueur Lipglass from the Cult of Cherry color story is my fave! I used to be a big fan of a really bold lip, but over the past few years, I have opted for more a more sheer & shinier look with gloss. This color is a good compromise for the Fall, allowing me to have more color on my lips without heading back to my Revlon Blackberry or Colorstay Sienna days. LoL!

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