Wednesday, October 1, 2008

DIY Waxing! GiGi Sugar Bare Hair Removal System

I am all about DIY every now and then, but I'm more for pampering! If I can handle to do body maintenance at home, I want to be sure I'm using quality products that are effective. For example, my choice in home waxing. I have been using GiGi Sugar Bare Hair Removal System from Sally Beauty Supply for $15. This kit includes: the Sugar Bare microwaveable wax, After Wax Skin Concealer, Slow Grow lotion, Wax Off wax remover, Pre-Hon skin cleanser, cloth strips (for legs and brows/lips) and small/large applicators. I also purchased another pack of cloth strips for $10 for 100 strips.

Get your area and skin prepped. You can use the included cleanser or just use soap and water. Have a washcloth with one side damp to clean up any areas with residual wax, your applicators and strips. I use between 3-4 per leg. I don't wax my thighs either since I don't really have a lot of hair there, so I do from my knee to my ankle. Warm your wax - the consistency of the wax should be like honey. Every microwave is different, so use small increments of time, then check and stir.

I'm pretty much a pro now after SEVERAL past attempts. Haha! I just do it in my room on the floor. If you're a newbie, you may want to throw a towel under you.

Take the applicator and spread the wax in an even, thin coat in the direction your hair grows. Too much wax and your strip will not be able to effectively remove hair.

Place a strip down and rub in the direction the hair grows, ensuring that the area you've applied wax is covered

This is where a lot of people have issues! Pulling the strip off in the opposite direction. The key is to pull the strip as close to your leg as possible. Quick and close! There may be some residue and you can apply the strip a few more times to pick what was left.

Voila! Clean waxed leg! Lasts about 3-4 weeks for me and I love it! You can use the Wax Off to clean up any left on your skin. The Slow Grow lotion can be used to inhibit growth and if you happen to experience redness that lasts awhile, you can use the concealer.

I haven't tried this on my brows. I don't trust myself number one! I would probably end up with one eyebrow! I do not have much hair on my upper lip, but I did wax the fuzz once and this wax works. I have not done my own bikini wax in years and don't plan on trying this down there. Haha! Yes, you heard that right, Leilei used to do her own bikini waxes. Crazy, I know, but its so time consuming doing it on your own. I would rather pay someone $75 to make sure its all bare down there. :p

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Tammy said...

Brave girl!!! I'm scared to try this myself at home. lol