Thursday, October 9, 2008

Daiso Nail Adventure

For $1.50 each, I picked up 3 sets of decorated nails from Daiso with the intention of wearing them when I go out. I was curious to see how these would wear if I applied them using nail glue versus the usual way I apply them, with nail tabs I purchased, also from Daiso. I got the great idea to do my nails at 2 AM when I was supposed to be on my way to bed! This particular set comes with 24 nails in varying sizes. Each tip has a corresponding size on the underside of the nail. First you want to lay out the nails and size them with your natural nail. While they won’t be a perfect fit, you can file them accordingly. These nails tend to run large, so every nail had to be filed. I removed the nail polish from my natural nail and cleaned my nails with rubbing alcohol. This cleans off any natural oils that may interfere with the adhesive and also disinfects your nail bed. The only nail glue I had around was regular nail glue. I am not too fond with the viscosity of this type of glue because it is too thin and can get messy! You can already see from the pictures that I ended up getting quite a bit of glue around my fingers. I even glued my finger to one nail that I had to rip off! Accckkk! This is why you don’t do your nails at 2 AM!

After applying all the nails, I put on 2 coats of OPI’s Princesses Rule and followed up with 2 coats of an acrylic top coat. They held up to sleeping, but it became a different story after I showered.

These nails are not thick and durable. Like the regular nail tips you get applied before a layer of acrylic goes on top, these are thin plastic and do not bear weight well. I checked my nails after showering and managed to crack most of them when I was shampooing and conditioning. I still kept them on for the day though. Haha! I think I will just use these nails for going out and use nail tabs. If you want to apply these nails with glue, I would suggest you use one that is of gel consistency. Also, filing these down to a more manageable length would maybe help to prevent them from splitting, but as previously mentioned, these are thin plastic and can break easily. The most annoying thing after this trial was the removal! I had to soak them off in acetone for about 10 minutes and it was messy, messy, messy!

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Ai said...

i never able to get beautiful nail polishes that would stay even a day. okay, me a bad nail polisher. it looks super cute before the shampooing tho.