Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Search For New Mineral Make Up

I am finally using up the remainder of my BE foundations and am on the hunt for alternatives. While I have been lucky that I haven't had any reactions to BE, a couple of my girlfriends haven't had the same luck. I tried Silk Naturals foundation and had great results, but the whole process of finding out my shade by mixing brown and white powder was too tasking. I'm looking for a product that matches my skintone and does not have any of the icky irritants in their ingredients! Ms. B has been happy with her Everyday Minerals , so I placed an order for some samples to try that out. I also found Signature Minerals which boasts on their site that there is "NO bismuth. NO cornstarch. NO talc. NO parabens. NO dyes. NO worries!" My reviews on those when I receive them and test them out. Do any of you have any suggestions? Let me know! :)

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Blissey168 said...

EDM is great! I'm sure you'll like it! :)