Friday, October 24, 2008

Coastal Scents - Contour & Blush Palette & Updates!

I know its been a few days since I have updated. I have had a continuing education class the past couple of nights and have been too exhausted by the time I come home to update. Two 15 hour days! Uggh! I have only had enough energy to do a few postings online for school and then to bed. I have an upcoming FOTD post for my Ate/Manang Jeni that I will be posting tonight when I get home. I wish I had the time to do her make up this weekend, but we had conflicting schedules, so I told her I would do a tutorial for her via my blog for a look to recreate this weekend that compliments her dress.

I'm waiting for my gd carpool to get it together so we can leave. I finished up my day by 1 PM and don't have anything else to do at work. Its a perk that I can bounce a lil bit early, but the drawback is I have been in meetings for almost 6 hours. So here I am waiting in her office for her to hurry the f*ck up so we can leave already. Geezus crise. If I didn't love her, I would have b*tched vocally by now. :p

I have been lurking on Coastal Scents and saw this Contour & Blush Palette! I do have MAC's Sculpt and Shape powder that I use every now and then to contour some cheek bones and thin out my jawline. That is usually only when I go out and know that I'll be in camwhore mode. The blush colors look pretty neutral to just add a good flush of color. I'm curious about the highlighting powders and how sheer or opaque they show up on different skintones. I just ordered this 2 days ago and its on its way from Naples, FL!

Note to Ms. B my BKK cutie - I want to test this out first and see if its worthy enough swap material! I was tempted to buy 2 already since I have been on the hunt for the matte highlight powder for you!


Blissey168 said...

Oh girl, you're the best! Please lemme know if they work well :) sorry I've been MIA, I just got back 2 days ago :) Anyhoo I LOVE your FOTD in the next post too! Imma have to up try it out too now :)

Rhondalei G. said...

Ms. B- you know I gotchu girl! So my palette arrives this Friday. I'll have to push this up for review over some other products! :)

Kimberly Tia said...

oooo just ordered the countour/blush palette too! cant't wait for your review hun!