Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pampering with a bonus!

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Last week was my first week back to work full time. I was lucky to start on when I did because we had an offsite meeting and event on Friday! I had a migraine from the night before and wasn't feeling up to par, but having a more relaxed day helped. This was the first time the girls on our team have gotten together and just relaxed while getting pampered and enjoyed some wine and cheese. I work for a minority owned consulting firm and our team is ALL WOMEN. We all get along and well, we're kind of all crazy. o_O Our day started off with a team meeting in Two Union Square where we put the current issues and action items on the table for review and how we were going to accomplish our goals. We ran out of time before we could get through our entire agenda, so we called it good and moved on to lunch at Benihana. Food was aight...I just needed to get some caffeine in my system to help with my headache. After lunch we had some time to kill before our spa treatments so we meadered to Louis Vuitton. **swoon** I hope they make make some purses in the Damier Graphite! Like in the Trevi PM! I'm overdue for a new bag. :p
And now finally....Vida Wellness Spa in the Pan Pacific Hotel in DT Seattle. I had been waiting all day for a massage in hopes that it would help alleviate my migraine. Our manager was kind enough to treat us to a 90 minute therapy of our choice. I ended up choosing the Ayurvedic Massage.

From the website:
Many of our treatments are based on the principles of Ayurveda, a 5,000-year old system of holistic Indian medicine. According to this philosophy the
key to a long and healthy life is achieving a balance between body, mind and spirit. Achieving this sense of well-being requires an approach based on
the needs of your dosha. Ayurvedic treatments work from the inside out to bring your dosha into perfect harmony so you can enjoy perfect health.

Nourish and Revitalize
A unique massage method that applies generous amounts of warm, sesame oil
over the body with extra attention to the head, neck and scalp. This technique
optimizes the body’s systems, mobilizes joints and enhances tissue suppleness.
Experience a sensation of profound relaxation that will stay with you for days.

The spa itself has a clean, organic atmosphere that is quiet. Except when we were in the building. Haha! Once checked in, you are lead to the women's changing area where they supply you with large or small lockers, robes, slippers, towels and other ammenities. After changing, we were lead to the lounge where they have some light snacks and lemon & cucumber water or tea to sip on. Depending on the service you receive, you are given a questionnaire that helps your therapist understand what type of person you are based on characteristics and that will help them to tailor your service to focus on issues you may have. I was surprised when the cute masseuse walked in and called my name. My gaydar was OFF and I really couldn't tell if he was or wasn't. Geezus. After asking me a few questions about my health and what I would like for him to focus on, he lead me to a warm, dimly lit room. When they say generous amounts of warm sesame oil, they weren't kidding! You are really literally drenched! This massage was one of the best I have had because he was attentive to the areas I had requested him to focus on and having all that warm oil smoothed on was quite sensual. I was so relaxed that I snored a teeny bit. *embarass!* I will be definitely heading back to Vida Spa for a massage, but I am also curious about some of the other body treatments that they have. Oh and if you're wondering if my masseuse was gay or not...he WASN'T. Ahahaha! Even more of a bonus to return. ;)


lookrichbitch said...

Ooooh! I looooove massages! May have to try Vida some time. Too bad my mgr never treats us to spa days!

Rhondalei G. said...

LRB - I wanna head back to Vida! I wonder what our next offsite will be? Hopefully another pampering day! She said she's going to try and do this every quarter!