Saturday, October 25, 2008

For Ate/Manang Jeni - FOTD (Pic Heavy!)

A little bit late, but here is the FOTD for you! I was going to attempt this last night and post, but I ended up getting another migraine and sleeping. Don't mind the tired look - I just woke up not too long before doing this. Haha!

I told Ate/Manang Jeni that I would do a look for her to copy for her cousin's debut on Sunday. I wouldn't be able to do her make up due to scheduling conflict. :( Her dress had a pattern with emerald green and a deep purple and decided to add both colors in the eyeshadows used and keep the lip defined, but neutral.

I first started off prepping my face with concealer and mineral foundation. If I'm using dark colors then I will only apply just a light layer of each and do another follow up after I'm done.

So tired looking! LoL! I got some bags under my eyes. BAH!

I used a pearly shadowstick all over my lid. This will help shadows adhere and show up on your lid.

I used a light lavender eyeshadow on top of the shadow stick.

I applied this on 2/3 of my lid.

I also extended a little bit of the lavender shadow to the inner corners of my eyes.

Next I used a charcoal gray shadow on the outer-v

Dab a little bit of color on the outer-v. Build up your color instead of starting off with too much on your brush.

Then extend somc color to the contour and crease of your eyelid. Press the brush against your lid and feel for your eye. In a windsheild wiping motion, take the color across this area.

I used an aquamarine shadow in the outer half of the crease.

Then I took a violet pigment to use on the inner half of the crease.

Blend the the aquamarine and violet together so there are no harsh lines.

Now highlight your brow bown with a shimmery shell eyeshadow.

I also blended the highlight over some of the gray to soften the color.

I used a gel liner, but you can also use a liquid or pencil liner if you prefer. Keep the line clean and wing it out slightly.

Fill in your brow with an appropriate color that suites your haircolor. You just want to fill in enough to frame your face and not too dark.

I didn't use any mascara since I was on my way to get my eyelash fill done. Use 2 coats of black mascara on your top lashes. You may do your bottom if you like, but I know you'll be running around being coordinator and it may run!

This is optional, but I thought I would add it in. I contoured my cheeks using a sculpting powder. You can also achieve this with some bronzer.

Start from your hairline and work the color down your cheek. Its important to do it in this direction because if you do it the other way around, it can just look like a dirty cheek. LoL!

Suck in those cheeks! Haha! You like my nostril and fish lippies? :P

A nice rose colored blush on the apples of your cheeks will give you a nice pop of color!

Next apply some highlighter. If you don't have one for your face, you can always use a shimmery shadow.

I apply it at the tops of my cheeks .

And just above my brow.

For the lips, I chose a nude pencil and a mauve lipgloss.

Line your lips and fill in with the liner. The all over liner on your lips will help your color stay on and wear better.

Then apply gloss on top of that and you're done!

Here are the products I used. I intentionally left the names and colors out because I'm not sure what you have in your stash and want you to feel free to utilize what you have to accomplish your look. Hope you have fun tomorrow and let me know if you have any questions! xoxox