Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Mirror Effect - Lighted mirror!

I have seen a similar mirror like this in an Avon catalog, so I was stoked to find this at Big Lots for only $2!

The package comes with the mirror and 2 sets of batteries. Not bad! Well worth the $2 spent.

When opened, the lights are very bright LEDs. The mirrors are pretty small but are perfect for those touch ups especially in a dark car or in my case in the dark club! LoL! Yes, I whipped this out while on the dance floor to make sure my lipgloss was in place and my lips looked lucious. ;p

On a sad note, I broke the mirror today. I was attempting to fix it because the light wasn't working after I dropped it while out one night. Poo! So not only did the light not work, but I just cracked the mirror during my attempt to fix it. So now I'm out of a mirror and have 7 years of bad luck. Grrrreat! Guess I have to go dig at Big Lots to find another one!

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