Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yellow Sponge Hair Rollers

I love how it says "Magic Sponge Curler" Well its not magic, but they do work really well!

**Side note: I like how the seller doesn't know if I'm male or female. I used to get calls all the time at work where the other party would say, "Could I please speak to Mr. (my name)." Ummm....

**Another side note: And I love how they call the gifts "spong ball" Haha! They do look like tennis balls.

Kinda weird and it hurts if you don't wind it carefully. If you try and do it quickly and you feel that you have to rearrange your hair, it can get painful

And this is after 10 have been placed in my hair. Kinda remind me of lil mini moon pies in my hair.

My hair was partially damp when I put these in. I left them in while doing my make up for about 45 minutes before removing and spraying some hairspray.

It looks very old Hollywood here! The curl relaxed a bit during the night. Because it was hot and humid at the concert. :p

I bought these from eBay from seller chrissie_3c_shop who is out of Taiwan. I paid a total of $7.48 with shipping. I haven't used these since that one night, but I plan on trying these out while letting my hair dry overnight. Since these are sponges without any hard plastic closure, you can easily sleep in these. I'm sure I'll probably lose some while sleeping but the curls can be touched up with a large barrled curling iron.


lookrichbitch said...

ooooh... i don't know how you find these gadgets! i'm very curious about them..

and i think you should wear the sponges out one night. you'd be all space-aged!

(g)ezebel said...

i love those spongey thingies!! i scrunch all my hair up then clip it up with hair clips then go to bed. i get really tight curls that way.

Blissey168 said...

"Spong balls"!! LOL