Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Emjoi Tweeze Automatic Tweezer System

I like my pits clean and clear, but waxing at the salon can get expensive. Waxing at home is difficult cuz I can never get the right angle and tweezing is so time consuming and sometimes I pinch myself! Yeouch! I saw this for only $19.99 and wanted it! Plus I have a ton of 20% off one item coupons at Bed Bath and Beyond in my car thanks to Dre. Haha! I wanted an epilator, but didn’t want to spend on a pricier one, so why not try this out. Gawd, such an infomercial consumer. Here is what the manufacturer says about the product via the website (
The Emjoi Tweeze is the painless tweezer that makes tweezing easy.
It removes the smallest and finest hair with pinpoint precision. The Emjoi Tweeze is battery-operated (2 AAA not included) and removes hair without irritation, like standard tweezers.

* Innovative design solves the problem of single hair tweezing
* Attracts hair like a magnet and removes it without irritation
* Painless
* Lets you tweeze in any direction
* Can be used anywhere on the body (except eyebrows)
* Great for travel
This item is great! It took a bit to get used to the tweezing action, but after awhile, its bearable. Maybe that’s just my tolerance for pain and it may depend on your level. It only took 2 minutes to go from hairy pit to clean pit. LoL! Check out the pics! I don’t have a ton of hair there, so it cleaned up pretty quickly. Thank gawd, no more actual tweezing and attempting to wax my pits, although you may need to clean up a few hairs after. I just said eff it and called it good cuz it got all the hairs that were extremely visible. I did try this on my legs and it worked pretty well, but I’ll stick to waxing. I don’t have a lot of hair on my legs or all over my body for that matter, so this would be good to touch up any spots that were missed during waxing. Pit pictures've been warned. :x

Before: Some major growth going on. The guidelines state to make sure the hair is about 1/4" so the hairs can be easily grabbed.

And this is how much it pulled. Nearly all of it! There were a few hairs that were too small that I had to grab with tweezers.

And here we go witha cleaner pit. Sorry for the blurry pic! This was quick and easy and definitely paid for itself already.


lookrichbitch said...

I feel like we just had bonding moment! But I have to draw the line here. No more body hair shots! Haha!

(g)ezebel said...

LOL!!!!! no you didn't show us your hairy armpit!!!! girl, those are some long ass hairs -- how long did you wait to show us? :0P

i have two emjoi's. one is the bigger, electric one, and the other is battery operated. i LOVE my emjoi's.

Rhondalei G. said...

AHAH! Yes I did show my pits. Now what?! AHAHA! It took me about 2 weeks to get it that long. >.< I promise no more pit pics.

Hey (g) - where do you use your BIGGER Emjoi? YEOUCH!

beauTIFFul said...

ok at first i was like wth is rhonda soing.. but now i want one!!!

Sherry said...

wow this looks great ! :)