Thursday, August 28, 2008

Garnier Fructis Instant Melting Conditioner Sleek & Shine

I'm always in search for hairproducts high and low end that work well. Especially with my thick & coarse hair! I have been very pleased with products from Regis and the Straight Sexy Hair line. Not to mention Sunsilk products which have been good. I tend to stay away from drugstore haircare since all it does is heavily coat your locks with silicone. No thanks. I want my hair to breathe but Sunsilk has been pretty good!

Here is me with a damn shower cap on and this conditioner in my locks. I was going to leave this on for an hour while I cleaned, but I ended up leaving it on for 2 hours because I was so focused on cleaning! I wasn’t too impressed with this product and was slightly disappointed because I have had some good interactions with other Fructis products. For $5, it’s a deal, but I don’t feel that it left my hair softer than using regular Sexy Straight Hair conditioner. I’ll probably try and use the rest of this product in conjunction with my other conditioner if I feel its not enough.

Peace out and no thanks to repurchasing. I don't think this product worked well. Even after having it on for such a long time!

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