Wednesday, April 29, 2015


The best things in life are free and Influenster sent me the #XOVoxBox to find some new favorites. This box ranged from personal care, cleaning and clothing, which is a great diverse mix.  

With these products, I also received a discount code for Land's End and Adore Me which I did not use.  I did not have the budget to purchase any new items from Land's End and I was previously a member with Adore Me and can view my past posts here.

First up to try, Tide Pods + Febreeze.  These detergent pods not only include cleaning agents there is also stain remover, brightener and 24 hours of freshness.

I thought I would try these with my towels and washcloths.  I always was my towels in hot water and at least a cup of vinegar to kill germs.  

The pacs are so cute!  Please keep these out of reach of children, because they could mistake them for a treat.

The scent reminds me of Herbal Essences Cactus Flower & Bamboo scented hair products! While this is a nice smell, it was a bit much for my towels.  I did like using these pods for my jeans and pants.  These did well in cleaning and brightening, I noticed that after washing the towels.  These do get pretty pricey, ranging from $4.99/12 count to $14.00/43 count.  The convenience of having 4 items in one pod make this more space saving.  Not sure if I would purchase these since I like using detergents that are suitable for sensitive skin and are fragrance free.

Up next Colgate Optic White Toothbrush+ Built In Whitening Pen and Express White Toothpaste.

So cool to have the whitening pen built in to the toothbrush handle.  This does not add significant weight to the toothbrush and it doesn't leak while locked in to the handle.

First thing I do when I wake up, brush my teeth!  Crazy hair and all getting ready in the AM.  

After I use my water flosser, I brush for 2 minutes with the Colgate Optic White Toothbrush and Toothpaste.

2 clicks is all you need to cover the top and bottom teeth.  This leaves a film on your teeth that isn't too bad, but not great either.

This was after a week of use.  Not super bright but there was a difference in the color of my teeth.  I have to be careful about using products that super brighten since I have bonding on my right front tooth, but there was no issue with the Colgate Optic White products.  I would probably purchase the toothpaste again, but skip over the tooth brush if I could get the whitening pen separately.  

I love this SkinFix Hand Repair Cream and was excited that I got to try it in the #XOVoxBox!  This brand of skin care is pricey, for 2 oz it is about $18!  That is way too much to spend on something that gets applied frequently since I wash my hands often.
My hands are dry and especially around my cuticles.  Acck!  I need an emollient cream to keep my hands soft with less hang nails.

Overall, I do love the Skinfix Hand Repair Cream, but I can't justify spending almost $20 on one tube!

Last up to try were the John Freida hair products from the Beach Blonde line and 7 Day Volume.  I am picky about my hair care products, but am willing to try a variety of items from difference price points and have used some John Freida items in the past.

This was after using the shampoo, conditioner and in-shower volumizing product.  Ehhh.  The smell of the shampoo and conditioner was nice, but the conditioner wasn't enough for my course, color treated hair.  I would probably use the 7 Day Volume just at the root next time to see if that makes a difference since I tend to lose volume there.  

I tried out the sea salt spray, but did not like the coconut scent.  *gag*  I am not a fan of coconut scented hair products.  Some skin care like sunscreen I can handle, but not in my hair.

Overall, this was a great experience again with Influenster and I'm glad I got to try out some products that I normally wouldn't have chosen at the store first hand.  I did like the Colgate products and Tide pods the best and can see myself repurchasing those items.  The others, I would pass on since I did not like them or they didn't work out for me.  

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