Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Unboxing: Julep Maven March 2015

Even with my reminders to cancel, I forgot to for the month of March.  Well, it was a good mix of beauty and polish so I didn't mind too much.  The Pop! Collection for this month were creamy, springtime colors on your tips with a semi-matte finish, brights on your lips and an eyeliner and makeup corrector combination.  I received the Nayely polish in the Peaches and Gleam manicure, Light On Your Lips in Twirl and Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner.  I didn't get to try the lip products yet, but will soon.  Twist looks so pretty!  I already have an invisible lipliner from Urban Decay so I imagine it will be similar.

The cap on the Light On Your Lips Lipstick is magnetic!  Love to hear that click and know that it is secure in my purse or make up bag.

But what is this Julep?  A cheap plastic cap for the liner.  I know this will end up cracking after some time.  It would have been nice to have a metal cap instead.  Ugghh chintzy!

Color Treat - Nayely $14 / $11.20 Maven
Light On Your Lips Lipstick - Twirl $22 / $17.60 Maven
Get In Line Invisible Lip Liner - $16 / $12.80 Maven

Would I recommend these to a friend?  Skip or find something similar.  I wasn't completely wowed and feel that these could be found in other brands and at a more affordable price.  If you are a Maven and can snag these, its a good deal if you can get the box, but individually, the prices are pretty steep.

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