Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Crafty Leilei: Page Dividers For A Spiral Bound Planner

This post has been chillen for a hot minute.  I made a couple type of page dividers for my Revolutionary planner and like the larger version better than the smaller one.  Both work well for the purpose, so I guess it is preference.

Laminator is bae. Only for that night though!

Really, crafting from bed and watching Coffee Break With Dani!

I took out one page of the blank spiral bound page in the back to use as a template to punch holes.  Then I measured a couple strips of scrapbook paper that I would use for the dividers and laminated them all on one sheet.

After cutting, I took a 1/8" hole punch and punched some holes on the blank sheet to have a guide for the dividers.

After punching holes, I cut slits into the holes so I could attach to the spiral coil in my planner.

I didn't have my clawz then, so I used the tip of the scissors to get the divider attached.

I used these for a couple of weeks, but I wanted something a bit more solid so I decided to make a full page divider instead.  Also, instead of punching holes into the page, you can attach file tabs, punch holes and cut slits to attach them to the coil.

Measure 20 times, then cut.  Measuring and cutting kill me.  Thankfully these turned out great and now I have a template to use to make different ones.

I actually laminated one of them again which was a mistake.  I didn't take off the file tab and it got all wonky.  :\

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