Monday, March 23, 2015

Leilei Cooks: Salmon Lumpia

I decided I wanted to make salmon lumpia for the Spring Meet Up over the weekend, but not knowing I would be SO busy during the week that I wouldn't have time to shop, prep and cook until THE DAY OF.  SMH!  Well worth it though, because there were none left!  I brought a little over 50 pieces!  This recipe was shared to me by my KasamaSistaAte Donna a few years back when I was helping her prepare for a wedding she was catering.  Simple ingredients and lots of flavor.  


Salmon fillet 
Baby spinach
Whipped cream cheese
Lumpia wrapper
Yoshida Original Gourmet Sauce
Eggs (for egg wash)

-Clean and slice salmon to small pieces
-Marinade in Yoshida
-Separate lumpia wrappers
-Start your roll on one piece of wrapper first with a bit of cream cheese, add the baby spinach, then add a piece of salmon rolling tightly and tucking the ends
-Use egg wash to seal the end
-Cook at 350 degrees in deep fryer for 3-5 minutes (I had 3 in the basket).  You can also pan fry which will vary - cook until golden brown and salmon is cooked.

I omitted the size/quantity because there are no set figures.  Just make what you feel is a good amount for what you need.  I would also not keep these in the freezer too long, maybe max 3 months or less since these are fresh ingredients.  The best would be to cook and serve as soon as possible.

Make sure you buy a fillet.  I bought a salmon steak and it had the skin attached to it.  I had to use my filleting skills (I have never done it before ha!) and got this cleaned up.  It took longer than I wanted to spend.

Clean and inspect the fillet for bones/scales before slicing into small slices.

Place into a bowl and cover with Yoshida to let marinade while you move on to the next task.  It doesn't take long for the fish to retain the flavor, do not let sit for a long period of time, otherwise it will be salty.

The best lumpia wrapper!  One of my childhood kitchen tasks was separating the papery layers for my Mom as she wrapped.  These tear easily so use care when doing this.  Also, to keep them from drying out, cover with a damp paper towel as you add one after another. My Mom didn't make lumpia often because it is labor intensive, but we weren't deprived because we have so many good cooks in our family and she would order from them.  LOL!

Schmear of cream cheese to start off.

Then the baby spinach on top of that.

Then the salmon next and you roll!

Roll it tight and be generous with the egg wash to seal it up.  When you create your pile, be sure to have them lined up and place wax paper between to keep from sticking between the layers.  Or you can go old school and use the actual plastic the lumpia wrapper came in!

Fry em up!  I had 3 at a time going for 3-5 minutes on 350 degrees and fried using vegetable oil.

Mmmm, the perfect little 2 bites!

Do you have any favorite lumpia combinations?

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