Friday, February 27, 2015

Ozeri Fresko Duo


Ozeri was kind to send me a Fresko Duo Salt & Pepper Grinder to test out.  Andrea reached out to me and offered a few items to test out.  Since I needed an upgrade to my current salt & pepper grinders, this was top of my list.  

These were my old grinders.  While they did the job, they weren't great and definitely did not have table appeal.  Haha!  

 The Duo Fresko is definitely more sleek than the TJ's!  This grinder has good weight since it is stainless steel.  Having the chamber made of acrylic instead of glass, I don't have to worry about potential dangerous breakage.

The middle portion that holds the 2 chambers together is secure once you connect them.  I didn't think that each held enough product, but with how fine the grind is, there is plenty.  I had filled these up about 3 weeks ago and use them regularly.  I think if you did change to coarse, it may use more product.  The Fresko Duo is easy and comfortable to use, not to mention it saves space and time with both S&P together in one unit.  This isn't too big either like some grinders that are awkward to use.  Overall, I am pleased with the Fresko Duo and would recommend this if you;'re looking for a nicer looking grinder that is affordable.

Cost: $17.95 via Amazon and Prime is available


This product was obtained through sent to me for review by Ozeri.  I have not been monetarily compensated for this item. My write up of this product reflects my own opinion after a trial period and have provided an honest review.

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