Monday, January 12, 2015

Unboxing: Julep Maven January 2015

I have way too much regular nail polish and have been doing gel manicures lately, so I have been skipping out on Julep's Maven boxes since August.  Changed my mind about ordering one for January 2015 when I was able to choose the Modern Beauty box which included the Brilliance Glycolic Hand + Body Scrub and Luxe Lip Treatment.

I love the applicator tip to this gloss!  It feels really nice and cool applying.  Wish more glosses had this applicator instead of a doe foot one.
 Swatched under the Foldio LED lights.
 Swatched in daylight.
 Pretty cool conditioning treatment combination.  We shall see how this wears, especially alone without any balm.

Just from a quick whiff, it smells similar to the Rock Star Hand Cream that I'm not too fond of.  :\  At least this is a scrub and I can wash off the scent or just follow up lightly with my body wash.

Glycolic Hand + Body Scrub - $32 / $26.50 Maven
Luxe Lip Treatment - $24 / $19.20 Maven

-Lip treatment has an awesome applicator!
-If you got this as your Maven box, it is a steal at $22!

-Scrub has the smell of the Rock Star Hand Cream that I don't like.
-Pricey!  The prices if you're not a maven are really steep, but even as individually purchased as a Maven, it is still expensive.

Would I recommend this to a friend?  I will have to do a wear test for the gloss, but sadly from first whiff of the scrub, I wouldn't recommend it because I don't like the smell.

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