Friday, January 30, 2015

Target One Spot Addiction

My no spend on beauty for the month of January, turned into quite a bit of spend at Joann & mostly at Target.  Behold, the One Spot.  I would come and go for all the fun goodies I had seen, but would I really use some of the stuff?  Then my friend Tiffany got me hooked on searching for items to make my planner pretty, crafting goods and snail mail items like blank note cards.  Ugghh.  I must practice more restraint and budget out going forward.  These are only some of the items I have purchased in the last few weeks.  With the range in price from $1-3 it adds up, but sometimes you don't even think about it because it is only a dollar!  I thought about hauling more and selling the items, but I don't have the time to list and ship out in a timely manner, so I'll pick up some duplicate or tripled items for a future giveaway on my blog or craftyleilei IG and to give to some of my fellow addicts and friends. 

I am at my neighborhood Joann Fabrics on the weekly and they now know me.  And sometimes even offer extra coupons!  LOL!  I have visions and I get stuck on em for awhile.  This looks like its going to be something permanent, the crafting part anyway.  What actual types of crafts will vary. 

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