Saturday, January 31, 2015

Commitment To Health: Pure Barre Redmond, WA

My first Fit Mob class I took was Pure Barre in Redmond, WA.  Located in downtown Redmond, this area has popped up in the last couple of years with new shops, restaurants and businesses and the 6:45 PM class was a good time since I work nearby and it was late enough to allow me to decompress before working out.  It was kind of hard to find, I had to ask another business where it was located.  I was greeted at the front desk and given a quick tour of the facility by the front desk person.  He also got me set up with the equipment I needed.

Note to self - be sure to read up on the activity you'll be doing, even if you think you know or have done it before.  I had practiced Barre 3 previously and thought this would be the same set up.  Similar, but one newbie mistake I made was not bringing socks.  :(  I wasn't told that I needed to wear any so it wasn't a big deal, but I was the only person without socks in class.  Bah!  Lesson learned!  Buy or bring in sticky socks.
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Nance is a great instructor, encouraging each of the students and ensuring we are all in good form during class.  No pressure to really force the newbies, but to allow yourself to enjoy the class, get out of a position if you feel uncomfortable, but still get a great workout in.  There were some other training instructors in class that were great help to watch if you didn't understand a position or move.  I liked the consistent moving and interchanging intensity.  The next day I had that good sore.  2 days after that, even more sore, but not to the point I couldn't function.  I definitely enjoyed the class and will be back again during my Fit Mob trial month.

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