Sunday, January 25, 2015

"New" Crafting Area

I realize I can't make everything from the bed.  Especially when it comes to messy tasks.  I was already so worried about getting Fabric Fusion on my bed when I made the no-sew pan protectors!  When I do work from home, I am working in the bed, from the couch or from the kitchen table.  Hardly ever do I use my desk.

 Before - I had a set up going on, but didn't have the right connections so off the the garage it goes.

And after!  Kept the lamp for lighting and here is my next Darby Smart project that I won't do from the bed because it involves black fabric paint!  :D  I'll still do my Crafting From Bed series for some projects, but the messier ones, I'll do from the desk.  Hoping to add a sewing machine in the near future too!

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