Saturday, January 17, 2015

I can't pass up a good deal!

Especially if I have been looking for it!  As much as I would love to have some Yogi Toes towels,  I can't justify spending upwards to $60+ on a towel.  I go to yoga when it works for my schedule.  I am hoping to practice more since my stress leaves me a huge tense mess.  My massage therapist is constantly reminding me to stretch throughout the day.

Deal!  I found this Apana Hot Yoga Mat Towel at Marshall's for $16.99.  It wasn't even with the other sporting goods, I found it in the linens area.

This towel retails for $50?!  I would never pay that much for a towel.  I was happy to not have to double up and use a bath towel and a hand towel during yoga class the other day.  Hoping to find more of these at Marshall's to have a few to rotate through.

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