Friday, January 16, 2015

Citrus Zinger

I have heard the benefits of drinking lemon water and 2 of my close gal pals have been sipping on lemon water to keep them regular and also help cleanse their system.  Here are some Benefits Of Lemon Water.  Be sure to have plain water on hand to help flush the acidity that can damage your tooth enamel.

 The bottle easily screws apart for easy cleaning and juicing.
 Juice your fruit and leave the half in the bottom portion.
Ready to go and sip on for the day!  This bottle is 28 fluid ounces and the first batch of water is going to be the strongest.  I do fill it up again in the afternoon and have lighter flavored water for the afternoon.  Again, sip on plain water in between to save your enamel.

Cost: $14.99 @ Target & The Container Store

-Easy to use juicer and water bottle
-Strong & sturdy construction/materials


Would I recommend this to a friend?  YES!  This makes it so much easier to have flavored water on hand without having too much pulp or having to sift out the seeds.

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