Monday, January 5, 2015

Hot Iron Holster

Sissy had one of these in her bathroom and I had to have one. The curling wands I have don't have a stand and slide everywhere on my counter and have almost even grabbed the barrel while curling my hair.  Smh!

I keep a running list of items on my Amazon wish lists that I come back to and was happy to see an affordable listing.  This was was noted to be an open box, but new.  Why not?  This was just for me, I wasn't going to give this as a present, so the outside box didn't matter.

There is supposed to be a layer to peel away from the back, but this was already removed.  No worries though because there was no damage.

Where I usually place my styling tools.  The outlet is along that wall so the cord can come in contact with the heated portion and risk melting.

The Hot Iron Holster fits perfectly along this edge and does not interfere with the drawers below.
I like how top portion can be used to rest your styling tool safely on the counter.  This makes it easy to use while curling your hair, either placing on top or in the holster works well.  While the holster does resist heat up to 500 degrees fahrenheit, it is very hot to the touch.  I would be careful when keeping wands in the holster for a long period of time.

Cost: $23 on Amazon (I did get mine for $17.99, but there was only 1 listing for that price)

-Safely stores and transports hot styling tools
-Affixes and re-affixes
-Easy care - wash with soap and water

-May not stick to some surfaces
-Pricey - keep checking Amazon or other places for better prices
-Limited sizing (There are a few other options, but the sizes look all the same. Measure the area you want to apply before ordering).
-This does get HOT (Be careful especially around children).

Would I recommend this to a friend?  YES!  This keeps my curling wands safe when heating up while I continue to get ready at the bathroom vanity.

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