Sunday, January 4, 2015

Crafting From Bed: Pasties!

I do a lot of things from bed.  Guilty of eating while watching Netflix from bed on the daily.  I wonder if I had my desk in my bedroom, if I would do more from there or not?  Probably not!  Well I was recently in a burlesque show and we needed some twirly pasties so I hit up Pinterest for some ideas and made some for our group.  Not the best quality, but they served their purpose once we stuck them on with carpet tape (ouch!).  I was impressed with some of the other performers pasties, especially Lily Divine's for her "Hungry Eyes" act.  Hilarious!  Well, there maybe more pasties from bed made in the future.  You don't have to be in burlesque to make & enjoy these!

Materials used:

Craft foam
String sequins - you can use whatever fabric or decoration for this.  The string sequins made this pair easy to just apply adhesive and wrap around.
Pearl cord - to make the tassels.  I could not find tassels at Joann Fabric, but I heard there are some in the upholstery area.
E6000 adhesive
Fabric for the backing
Bobby pins - to clamp the foam while the adhesive dries.  
Something circular to trace - that is large enough to cover around the nips!

Directions followed:

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