Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Crafting problems!

I went to Jo-Ann Fabrics 3 times last week.  I didn't get anything the 2nd time and just managed to wander the aisles.  It doesn't help that there is one down the street from me too.  I have some fellow friends who I hope to have some craft nights with soon and am hoping to learn how to knit.  Totally sounds Lola (grandma) status, but its pretty fun to see what I can create and have the patience for.  I'm also curious to take a class at Jo-Ann's.  Might be a fun way to pick up some new skills.

I bought more items to make more Pocket Terrarium Necklaces!  This one was for Manang Sissy and I gave it to her last week.  I also made a desktop mini terrarium with the larger bottle from the set above and gave that to a Kasama.  :)

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