Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Commitment To Health: 2015 Fitness Goals

Instead of a list of resolutions for 2015, I have decided to create small, attainable goals that I would decide on each month.  For the month of January, I wanted to focus on how I can get back to being in the best of health.  2014 was tough emotionally and physically.  It seemed like the injuries I sustained were from doing basic things around the house or out and about.  As I age, my body doesn't bounce back like it used to and I sure feel the pain longer.  I tweaked my elbow from vacuuming and the discomfort lasted for weeks!  :(  Mid-30s are no joke and I would suggest to folks who don't already have some type of workout during the week, to start up.  Even if its a couple times a week, get your heart rate up and move your body!

The yoga studio I have been going to, Hot Yoga Renton, is having an annual special that I will be signing up for.  It is a big investment, but this will pay off in keeping me flexible and centered.  I would love to head back to crossfit, but want to ease my way in to that much intensity.  I have also signed up for a 1-month promotional deal with Fit Mob that will allow me to try out different forms of fitness activity.  Most of the participating locations are in Seattle and the Eastside (Bellevue, Mercer Island, Redmond), so it may be challenging to get to those places if I don't already have a purpose to head there.  But its a great deal to see what's out there.

With fitness comes nutrition.  I L O V E food.  Most of my meetings with people, including work, are surrounded by food.  I know what works for me to see the results I want to see, but sustainability to make it a lifestyle change isn't a priority to me.  I have been indulging, but more smartly.  Using a Jawbone UP24 has kept me somewhat accountable, but there are those days when IDGAF, especially at Filipino parties.  I just log 2000 calories for those events.  ;)  smh

I will also add a feature on my blog, "Commitment To Health" going forward to give updates and review classes I've taken, studios I've visited, healthier recipes I've cooked etc.  Let me know if you have any requests for posts and I'll try include them.  :)

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