Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door


Screens on every window and door please!  I wish.  I remember, for some reason, the window in my room did not have screens, letting in all kinds of yuck.  Especially mosquitoes!  I have no idea why my parents didn't think to put a screen on the upstairs windows when we moved in.  When my roomie and I moved into our house last year the front door and the door in the laundry room did not have storm doors with screens.  I did not mind the front door so much since the front windows had screens, but the laundry room was in need of circulation from outside.  Leaving the garage open isn't a safe option, inviting bugs and rodents, not to mention everyone seeing our "storage."  Ha!  I was happy when I was approved to review the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door through Tomoson, because this was going to be the ideal solution.

You receive all you need to install the screen door and the only tool you really need is a hammer if you do use the tacks.

Since this door opens in, I had to install the screen on the outside.  I measured the middle of the entry and marked off where the opening would be placed.

Laying it out on the kitchen floor, you put the connecting velcro strips on the top and along the sides.

The final installation!  I did end up using the tacks to secure the velcro strips that were attached to the frame.  The screen door shuts after you walk in or out making it super convenient if your hands are full.  Straight through this door is the door to the garage, so now we will be able to get circulation through the laundry room through without opening the garage door.  

Cost: $27.95 via Amazon and Prime is available

If you are looking for an easy to install and affordable option for a screen door, I would definitely recommend the Mega Mesh Premium Magnetic Screen Door.  Be sure to measure your entry way to ensure that this is compatible before ordering!

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This product was obtained through Tomoson. I have not been monetarily compensated for this item. My write up of this product reflects my own opinion after a trial period and have provided an honest review.

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