Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Looking for K Cups?

I get bored with plain coffee to brew in my Keurig and always scope out Groupon for deals on K cups.  I ordered the Fall Flavors and was impressed with the variety.  Those options are almost finished, so I looked yesterday and they are now offering the Winter/Holiday Sampler.  The total comes out to just under $26, just a little over $1.50 per serving.  These samplers run out pretty quick, but it looks like there are still some available.  Also, use your Ebates!  Right now you get 6% back when you purchase on Groupon, double back! You can sign up via my referral link.  

I know some of you may have read about the cleanliness of Keurigs and honestly, the germaphobe in me isn't really phased.  The water gets boiled.  I rinse the holding tank pretty frequently and do a vinegar cleanse every 2 months.  Meh, its fine!  LOL

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