Saturday, November 15, 2014

Unboxing: November Ipsy Glam Bag - Girl Meets Glitter

Glitter!  I looooove glitter!  Not so much the in your face, packed glitter like I used to rock as a candy kid, but more just a little bit of sparkle.  A hint of shimmer.

I've come to terms that I won't wait to know what's in my Glam Bag anymore.  Its RIGHT THERE when I log in, sooooo, I'll just look.  I was excited for this month's!

What I got:
Glamglow Powermud Dualcleanse Treatment
I was mostly excited to finally get a Glamglow product!  I wanted to try this out before committing to an expensive full size.

J. Cat Beauty Wonder Lip Paint in Mad Spatter
The second item I was excited to try and compare to other products like this.  Haven't swatched this yet, but this is a pretty wine shade.  Sad to see that this product does contain parabens.  :(

Be A Bombshell Eye Base in Submissive
Looks like a great crease color!  I would like to see what the lasting power compared to similar products.  This is my first Be A Bombshell product to test.
I was a little disappointed to see parabens though :(

Star Looks Gem Pencil in Ultra Orchid
Oooo!  Shimmery eyeliner in a deep purple.  This would look great on the lower lashline for a pop of color.  Sadly, this product also contains parabens.  :(

be Delectable coconut & cream hand cream
 A big size!  But I'm not a fan of the scent.  Its a bit summery for me smelling like pina colada and might just pass this on to someone.  I would have liked something more fall/winter scented like pumpkin or apple, but out of the 3 scents offered, maybe the lemon?

I am sad about my bag though!  :(  It was defective with one seam not sewn.  I did email Ipsy Care and received a quick response noting that they will be sending another bag, but it might not be the same one for this month depending on stock.  I do appreciate them sending a replacement, but sad that this one is busted.  I might have to do creative repair.

Overall:  This month was ok.  The bag was busted, I haven't swatched any of the make up and the only item that I did try so far was the hand cream which was too strong.  3 of the products contained parabens which was disappointing since I am always on the hunt for products that don't contain parabens, pthalates and sulfates.  I still love Ipsy and look forward to my treats every month and hope that December's Glam Bag will be fab for the holiday!

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