Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hands Down Nail Soak Off Gel Wraps vs Nailmates

Which one takes it off and better?  I tried the Hands Down Nail Soak Off Gel Wraps that I got for Free.99 and purchased Nailmates to do a comparison of the two.

The stretchy fabric is similar to athletic wrap and the cotton pad in is similar to a bandaid pad.
Saturate the pad and wrap. 
The Hands Down Nail Soak Off Gel Wraps were fairly easy to use.  I would suggest doing one hand at a time, just because of limited mobility.  Also, since the tape portion is similar to athletic wrap, you may have to adjust and re-wrap to secure.

Comes with 10 caps and 20 pads+an additional 20 pads

The easiest way to get set up is to dip the pad into acetone and place into the cap and line up 5 before you start applying.  If you saturate the pad with too much, it can leak, so I would say to just get about 1/4 of the end.

Verdict?  Nailmates over the Hands Down.  The pad in the Nailmates stays moist where the pad in the Hands Down dries out.  I had to re-soak and scrape more with the Hands Down.  With the Nailmates, I did check and leave on a few minutes longer, but there was less effort than with the Hands Down.  I was also able to remove the regular nail polish from my toes with the Nailmates and was only able to get one use for the Hands Down.  If you're looking for a one-time polish removal, then Hands Down could be an option, but I would suggest using the foil method.

I will definitely use Nailmates for all my gel polish and regular nail polish removal at home from now on.  There is less waste and I can purchase extra pads when the 40 pads are done, which won't be for awhile.  Some bloggers have said that they were able to do other things while soaking off their polish.  When doing my nails I am usually watching a movie, so I can't say how well you can maneuver with these on.

-Hands Down 10 count - $3.14 on Amazon, 100 count at Sally Beauty Supply $23.99
-Nailmates - $14 via Nailmates website

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