Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Things I am glad I gave up...

for better beauty and overall health! Sometimes with age, comes knowledge. Thankfully this has been true for me in the last 3 years and am happy that these changes have stuck around. You get to where you want to be by planning and following through with necessary action.

#1 Quit smoking
That is a no brainier. I went from being a pack a week, sometimes more, to a social smoker and now to none at all. Celebrating my first year smoke-free! Not only do I feel awesome, my skin looks great.

#2 Stop fake 'n baking
If I do tan, it's in the sun with SPF. I still need to bring that down to a minimum. There are few people that look naturally tan after using a tanning bed. Orange is not tan ladies/gents. Plus why would you want to make your skin look leathery? Take a good look at the skin on your face and chest next time you tan. I think of the tanning bed as an oven "setting" everything in.

#Binge drinking & partying
Just don't see the purpose unless it's a celebration. Why put so much sh*t in your body? Every now and then is cool, but I keep the drinks to a minimum, cut out the other stuff and have fun being in more control. I don't want to be a sloppy 30something at the club/bar/lounge. Hot mess is not nice. I've learned that I'm not invincible and the choices I make can have serious & lasting consequences.

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Anonymous said...

wow good for you! i admire these healthy changes : )