Monday, October 17, 2011

A new way...

to shop for special underthings and racy skivvies is on it's way!  This is a different post that still pertains to feeling beautiful, but not about make up. :) I am very much a girly girl when it comes to my intimates and was excited to hear about a brand new offering where I could shop online from the comfort of my home. Introducing Adore Me, a personalized shopping experience that offers sexy and elegant intimates. After taking their style quiz, you will be sent a monthly showroom of styles you can choose from for only $39.95. You can choose to purchase one of the styles or skip the month. You even have the choice to purchase all of them for the same price of $39.95 each. Shipping is free, as well as returns. 

I am especially looking forward to beautiful sets like this icy number!
And this seersucker demi!
Where can you get beautiful sets like this in-store for a wonderful price? $40 will sometimes just get you just the bra and not the matching pantie, which can be another almost $20. Truly a steal and I'm excited to finally be able to shop for lingerie that suits my style online. I believe in feeling beautiful, sexy and confident inside and out. No one has to know that I'm feeling great because I have an awesome bra on except me. ;)


Anonymous said...

This sounds great, do you know if they offer products other than just bras/panties?

Rhondalei G. said...

They will be offering different sets of lingerie and accessories!