Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dark Little Edition To The Tatcha Family

Vicky, Nadia and Brad at Tatcha were kind to send me the newest edition to the family, Evening Aburatorigami.  Now in a clutch friendly size, you can bring Tatcha with you in your going out handbag, wallet or your pocket.

From the Tatacha website:
Tatcha’s new Evening AburatorigamI is black to reflect the chic sophistication of New York City and perfectly sized to slip into the sleekest of clutches, for night perfect skin. 

Beautifully packaged!

Although Evening Aburatorigami is smaller, this little sheet can still refresh your entire face, leaving it shine-free without distubring your make up.

Comparision of original Tatcha with Evening

I appreciate how they listened and delivered.  Feedback from make up artists noting that sometimes the sheets can be too large to tote around, they created Evening Aburatorigami.  The Evening Tatcha has charcoal infused in the fibers which increase the absorbency.  These were debuted during NY Fashion Week and were a popular request at the Emmy's.  They are now available for everyone on or if you're lucky, you can find retail stores that sell Tatcha - listed on the site!

I love the Evening Aburatorigami!  I had them in my vintage silver clutch over the weekend at a wedding and offered to my friends while we were at the reception before hitting up the photo booth.  Have to have a shine-free face!  :)  Thank you again to the Tatcha team for thinking of leileiluvsmakeup!

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Tammy said...

I really like the Tatcha sheets (because of you!) so I think I will give these new sheets a try.