Sunday, January 17, 2010

Sweet Treat From A Friend :)

My very good friend Liz surprised me with this cute little lipgloss set. :) For once when she said, "I bought you something," it was 'food' but not something I could eat.

Not sure where she picked this up from, but she knew right away that it suited me. It was cute and pink. She knows me too well.

Not sure when I will actually use them, but I'll definitely be using a lipbrush if I can. I don't do finger-in-the-pot gloss often.

How frickin' cute are these?! I wanna eat 'em up!

My fave is the strawberry gloss cuz #1 it is pink and #2 its strawberry! One of my faves!

1 comment:

meipinggg said...

omgahhhh! that is so cute. <3 she should tell me where she bought it. ): i want.