Thursday, December 17, 2009

Sephora Freebies - Kat Von D

I really wanted the Kat Von D Sephora tote because it looked cool. Well, it isn't that great of quality, but it looks cool! Haha! Spend $25 and get the tote. LoL!

And I finally redeemed my points for the Kat Von D palette for 500 points. Yay! The last 500 point items weren't that great and thought this was the best trade-in they have had in awhile.

The compact has a cute design and a mirror on the lid. I am partial to the 2 middle pearl shadows - groupie & confessional. The 2 glitter shadows - believer and motorhead would need a base for the shadows to stick to. They have a bit of a grainier texture due to the glitter.

Swatches: confessional, believer, groupie & believer. I love how groupie has a bit of a blue inference. Can't wait to do an EOTD with this palette!

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