Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes

Revlon Fantasy Lengths Lashes & Runway Collection Nails;
I had recently been contacted to review Revlon's Fantasy Lengths Lashes and this is what I received! 4 pairs of lashes and also a set of nails in a hot design called Minx. I noticed that 2 sets of lashes had adhesive already on the lashes while the other 2 had a separate tube of adhesive to apply the lashes. I decided to bring the 'Intensifying' lashes that were pre-glued, with me to Vegas.

Intesifying What's cool about this set is that you get adhesive on the lash and also an extra strip to use. Well, in my case, I ended up only using these once because I partied a bit too hard.

Ready to hit up Tao! Ready to go! Rollin' like big shots in the '93 Accord Wagon that we VALETED everywhere we went. Haha! It was a quick trip down to the 702 with my gfs, but we weren't short on the memories for sure!


Anonymous said...

I like your nail polish in this pic. what color is it?

Rhondalei G. said...

The nailpolish is Julep's Toni from their Fall collection. You can purchase from their website www.myjulep.com. :)