Wednesday, December 2, 2009

POT(P)W: Las Vegas Nails!

Pedi of the (post) week! While in Vegas 2 weeks ago, I had to cheat on Julep and get a mani/pedi. It wasn't a terrible experience, but you just notice things that DON'T happen at Julep as opposed to your run of the mill strip mall nail joint. "I wonder how many times that file has been used on how many different customers?" Hmmm? Most of you are familiar with Anjelah Johnson and I really had a 'Beautifl Nai-yuh experience.

I got hustled. "You like design? I make nice fo you?" "Ummm, ok." "Ok, $6 extra ok? Ok." Well, they didn't charge me, but it was still pricey. I should just gone to the spa in the hotel and spend a little bit more for a more luxurious experience. Hahaha! You see those 3 star rhinestones? Those were gone by the morning. I either left them a) in Tao b) in the bed or c) in the '93 Accord station wagon. :D

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