Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't you hate LE items?

Image from hyperban on eBay

I DO! My bestie Cat introduced me to Bath & Body Works' Japanese Cherry Blossom Rice Dry Oil Spray and Sake Oil To Cream Body Wash. Damn her for doing so because this was limited edition from Holiday '08. I ended up buying 6 bottles of each during the summer and now I am down to 3 in my stash. Really trying not to use them, but they are WONDERFUL! The Dry Oil Spray was perfect in the summer to lightly moisturize and add fragrance. Right now since I need more moisture, I layer with either the Body Lotion or Triple Moisture Body Cream. The Oil To Cream Body Wash is LUXE. I like working this into my skin with just my hands, but I sometimes use my mesh sponge if I feel like I need to exfoliate, but I feel like the moisturizing properties are going to waste if I do that!

Please Bath & Body Works, bring these items back! I'll be forced to scour eBay & pay close to retail price when the 3 bottles run out. :(

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