Friday, November 6, 2009

Dear Santa....Part I

Usually around the Holiday there are some great giftsets that I lem. Well, I haven't really found many, but here is a start of what has caught my eye/nose so far!

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Victoria's Secret Velvet Amber Blackberry Body Lotion $22

Described as:
"Introducing Velvet Amber Blackberry, the latest fragrance from Parfums Intimes, our lingerie-inspired fragrance collection. Velvet Amber Blackberry was designed to evoke the unique sensation of velvet - the plush texture, the rich depth of color, the indulgence. The fragrance adorns skin in the luxurious warmth of amber, lusciously ripe French blackberries and sheer Turkish rose."

I happened to smell this last week and love it! Winter is when I choose more headier scents. Right now I've been slathering on lotions rather than spritzing perfume. Currently I'm using Bath & Body Works' Japanese Cherry Blossom & Twilight Woods.

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La Mer - The Connoisseur Skincare Collection at Saks Fifth $395

Described as:
"A simple daily beauty ritual. All three essentials work in tandem to deliver a soft and healthy, more luminous appearance each day. Fine lines fade from view as a more radiant appearance emerges. This limited-edition collection is the ideal way to experience a daily transformation for a lifetime."

Obssessed with keeping up with my appearance. Trying to be better inside and out & a girl really needs to have some La Mer in her life right? I've read the reviews, heard about what stars swear by this stuff. Come on, I read that Kimora slathers this all over. Fabulosity! I'll accept the age in # form, but I refuse to have a prematurely aging mug.

Oh Santa...see I put something cheap and steep on the wishlist thus far in the beauty category. Now, my Amazon wishlist is another thing. ;) Its actually mostly cooking items - I would <3 a lil Henkels & Calphalon up in the mix too. :)

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Blissey168 said...

Yes, every girl deserves her own lil sit of La Mer ;)