Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Tuesday Night Mask - MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask

You're probably wondering....
wth is all of this?! I'm in the process of swapping my spring/summer wardrobe with my fall/winter wardrobe that has been in storage. Amidst some of the bins in the closet and the Space Bags underneath The Bed, I emerged a clusterfark of a mess. I have keep & store, give away and transitional categories. I gave up for the night and will continue tomorrow, so I decided to do this instead!

Finally try out my MAC Volcanic Ash Thermal Mask! Hahah! Well, the weather and hormones have caused a few troublesome spots on the mug, so perfect timing to do a clarifying treatment.

I decided not to do a full face picture of me with the mask. #1 because it was ridiculous and reminiscent of a Ted Danson incident. Slightly racial. #2 because I looked like a werewolf. Haha! So the eye is about all you get.

-Quick! You leave on for 5 minutes and rinse off.
-Has a lovely scent.
-Warming effect felt nice on my face while working the product in my skin

-It is LE! :(
-Don't taste the mask while rinsing. Nast!

I won't be using this often since I have sensitive skin that tends to dry out. Just when my mug needs a that extra bit of help. I still like my sheet masks for weekly use!

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