Tuesday, October 6, 2009

NOTW: Nailene So Real Nails

This is my first round of trying out the Nailene nails. I have had some interesting experiences with glue-on nails - Mookie Nails Round #1. This is why I can be on the fence with glue-on nails! Thank goodness I wasn't out and about when my nails fell off. Haha!

The kit comes with 24 nails in 12 sizes and the So Real Nails set highlights that there is a natural looking moon on the nail. These nails are thin and really do feel light-as-air.

The kit also has a file/buffer and cuticle stick to help in prepping your nails for application. I also made sure to wash my hands and wipe my nails with remover to ensure that there were no oils that would interfere with the adhesion of the glue. Sometimes nails are not the same on both hands. Be sure to size each individual before applying!

And the results! I am impressed at how natural these look and feel. I can type comfortably and haven't had any mishaps so far with these falling off. I would recommend these to wear for a special event when you need a quick & affordable manicure. Be sure to groom your cuticles well before applying these. I used a cuticle remover & clipped any hangnails before putting these on. Looking at these makes me miss having my acrylics, but I told myself no more ravaging my nails. With these nails, I can have a temporary fix and soak these off in acetone to remove. No excessive buffing that weaken nails like at the nail salon. These are easy to use, but do take some time to apply and remove, but having perfect results doesn't have to be expensive!

I'll have upcoming posts soon using the Nailene Runway Designs Nails and the French Tip Pen Kit. :)


Vanessa M. said...

woo those look great!

Blissey168 said...

OMG they look GREAT! how much are they?

Rhondalei G. said...

Vanessa - Thanks! :)

Ms. B - I think they're about $4-5? Guess what you'll be getting in your next package? Hahaha!

Tammy said...

They do look really natural! I have a pair at home to try, but I'm just so lazy..lol