Monday, October 19, 2009

Nicole Nailpolish - Shimmy, Shimmy

A return for me at a store is 95% of the time an exchange rather than a return. Its $ already spent and so I can shop and not feel guilty about it. Haha! Sneaky, sneaky. Well, I had to return a couple of things at Marshall's and ended up leaving with 3 things. But at least they were still less than what I returned. One of my picks was this Nicole nailpoilsh in Shimmy, Shimmy.

I've definitely been in to dark polishes lately, with the exclusion of a few pale shades.

I actually picked this up by accident instead of another color that I was eyeing, which I'll be going back to get! Gorgeous eggplant with tons of microfine shimmer.

I can't wait to use this during a NOTW! I have so many nail products to feature for NOTWs! What colors have you been drawn to this season?