Wednesday, September 9, 2009

MAC Naked Honey Collection - Skin Salve & Pollenator Eyeshadow

A definite indulgence, but how could I resist sweet honey? What really perked my interest was the Naked Honey Skin Salve, while the Pollenator Eyeshadow was an extra purchase that I honestly didn't need but it was similar to the color Paradisco which I have wanted, but haven't purchased...yet.

I adore the salve! I really liked my Rosebud Salve, but sometimes the flowery scent & taste would get to me. While I do love the scent of this, I would have liked this to have more of a honey taste to it. Maybe keeping along the lines of staying more natural, MAC did not want to add any additional flavor to this product. I use this primarily on my lips when I'm at home or before sleeping. This does not have SPF and would not recommend using this on your lips if you're going out, especially in the sun.

I was hoping the shadows from this line would have the same honeycomb embossing as the highlighting powder had, but they didn't. Bummer! From some of the reviews that I read and from what I have experienced when I swatched the product, the pigmentation of Pollenator just doesn't cut it. I will have to layer this color a few times before achieving the right look. If it were IMO, I would pass up on Pollenator and pick up Paradisco which I will be doing eventually!

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