Friday, September 18, 2009

The Balm: Holiday In Balm Beach

Another one of those great Marshall's finds! I can't remember how much I snagged this for, but definitely not the full retail price of $21! Of course I grabbed one for Ms. B too! A little staycation adventure in make up.

Here's what is included

Shadow, blush, bronzer & lipgloss tucked into this cute "book" that has a mirror on one side.

Clever how they incorporated the names of the shadow, blush & bronzer in the text of the "book.

Swatches of the gloss and shadow. I love how vibrant the gloss is. The shadow, blush and bronzer are quite sheer which is great for summer looks.

I have seen these palettes, but never had the desire to pick one up mainly because of the price. I don't think I would purchase any other the Balm palettes because #1 the cost and #2 I don't see a lot of practicality in such a small amount of product. While it is cute and possibly handy to have in a travel make up bag, there is a bit of bulk with the packaging. If this palette is something you would be interested in, I found it on Nonpareil Boutique for $17. I have seen some mini series of these palettes that came out in a set at Costco last year. That's something I would look into purchasing for Christmas prezzies!


Tammy said...

Jealous!! I saw this at my Marshall's yesterday, but it was all abused & used. lol Enjoy!

Vanessa M. said...

too cute! and great price too hehe oh! and on the Jane Liner.. ehh its not the best.. you have to really pack it on ya know...*put some elbow grease* but its cheap! lol